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Cheetah couple on honeymoon

  • June 15, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Madikwe Game Reserve announces exciting news from the Cheetah Project. The coalition of the two Cheetah brothers has stumbled on one of the straying females. Afterwards we were able to observe the female with one of the males on honeymoon for a short time.

One of the male cheetahs is looking for his brother

The brother on honeymoon with the female cheetah

No doubt: The female is in heat and quite interested in a rendez-vous. Such an event has never happened in Madikwe before. In this special project aiming to have a reproduction of cheetahs in the reserve, we have been waiting for this moment for quite a while.

At first we found a lonely cheetah, aimless and - as it seemed to us – making sad noises. It was clear to us that this wonderful animal had recently lost not only the fight for the female, but also his brother, with whom he lives in the reserve side by side.

Only a few hundred meters away, we discovered the two honeymooners a bit later. The female was obviously interested in this meeting, and we had no doubt that more is happening between them than walking together through the bush. Whether this has been successful, will become evident in the next weeks and months.

One day later we saw the two brothers again as we usually do, walking through the savanna. This time it was the other brother from whom we heard these sad sounding sounds. Did he miss his girlfriend? His brother was obviously satisfied and was following him quietly.