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Do you provide photographic equipment?

  • June 25, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

A safari offers countless visual highlights. Madikwe Game Reserve is a paradise for photographers. An often asked question: does Rhulani provide photographic equipment?

Rhulani offers a professional GimPro Gear on game drives

Today, we assume that our guests arrive with their own camera or at least a smart-phone to capture personal impressions from the bush.

However, at Rhulani we offer special equipment for our guests with high quality cameras at no extra cost. We provide a so-called "gimbal head" with clamp from Gimpro, which is the leading South African brand, offering powerful and reliable specialized photographic equipment. 

Just ask your ranger and he'll assemble a gimbal head on the land cruiser for you, right where you'll sit for the safari. So you do not need your own tripod, which would have hardly any space on the vehicle anyway.

You can screw your own camera on the gimbal head and then turn your camera in all directions with a steady hand.

Watch this video where Riaan explains how it works.