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"McBush": a pilot project by McDonald’s in Madikwe

  • April 01, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

The American fast food giant McDonald's discovers a new business field with the wild animals of the African bush. In a pilot project, the first so called "Mc Bush" restaurant opens today in the "Madikwe Game Reserve", with the aim of providing food for hungry animals. The restaurant could also be an option for a quick stop for guests on safari, although the opinions about it are different.

Opening today: the first "McBush" restaurant in Madikwe Game Reserve

Rhulani's Head Ranger Sean is rather negative about the project. He prefers a traditional sundowner.

Madikwe is not an easy place for the animals to find food. The dry savannah, especially in winter time, offers few waterholes, and the arid landscape often lacks of green grass or tasty trees for zebras, giraffes and other antelopes. Lions often have many miles to walk until they finally find a potential prey to hunt.

This all has an end now. McDonald's opens a restaurant in the middle of the reserve, which is specially designed for hungry animals. A clear “win-win”-situation. There is water for thirsty Warthogs, bananas for passing baboons, as well as delicious beef burgers for hungry lions.

Whether the concept will work is an open question. Animals must first get to know this place and gain confidence. Madikwe was selected by McDonald’s for a trial period of three months. 

It is also questionable how this project should be financed in the long term. "We expect substantial donations from our guests and are considering introducing a new Levy," says Park Management.

For our guests, "Mc Bush" could be a stop on safari, as an alternative to the sundowners. You could get a burger and see some animals here. 

"I will definitely not drive past here," says Rhulani's Ranger Sean Townsend, who rates the whole project as negative. He says: “We should not interfere with the laws of nature, and a restaurant in the middle of the savannah destroys the original experience of the wilderness.”

The debate is in full swing. Write us your opinion by e-mail to reservations@rhulani.com. We are excited to hear your opinion!