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October update: Three different predators on a kill

  • November 04, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Three different predators that enjoy a real feast on a zebra killed; have you ever seen this? It just confirms once again that Madikwe Game Reserve keeps surprising us and even those who are experienced bush visitors. Welcome to our update of the month October.

Brown hyena, spotted hyena and black-backed jackal on a kill

October statistics: Frequency of animal encounters per game drive

A cheetah was seen with a chance of 32% per gaame drive last month

A giraffe fell into the waterhole

It was not only the sighting itself, but also the quality of the photo taken by Rhulani’s head ranger Sean which was sensational. The last remains of a zebra were consumed by a hungry brown hyena, a spotted hyena, and two black-backed jackals.

"It's not uncommon for these three predators to get along well," Sean says, but he adds that such a picture is also quite rare for him.

We already had another amazing wildlife viewing with Martin, as a giraffe fell in the water hole and fortunately found a way to came out again. Read the article here.

A look at the statistics shows that the month of October, which announces the summer time with higher temperatures (especially in the morning), was very good for animal observations. We saw elephants on our 3-hour game drives with a 95% chance. The white rhinoceros achieved a record value of 89%, and the lion reached a score of 73%. Buffalo (48%) and Leopard (11%) complete the Big 5 list. Lately we also see the cheetahs (32%) again a bit more often.

A cheetah female is pregnant

Speaking of cheetahs: our ranger Alasdair found one of our cheetah females with a slightly thicker belly. There is no doubt: she is pregnant! After many years of unsuccessful attempts and big investments, finally, these are fantastic news! If all goes well, in early 2020 we expect the cheetah mother to give birth to her cubs, somewhere at a hidden place in the bush.

We are curious about what we will tell you soon about new wonders from Madikwe!

A herd of wildebeest running through the dry savannah - October was also the end of the dry season