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“Our bush-marriage was just magical”

  • June 19, 2016 | Rhulami Safari Lodge

After getting married in the bush, Sara and Francisco look back on their special day with unique memories: “The wedding exceeded all our expectations, and Rhulani’s staff were just amazing!”

“Everybody was completely blown away.” – Sara

“We were just taken by the whole thing” – Francisco

An idyllic, wild nature frames the wedding ceremony. A unique silence creates a restful atmosphere for a great day. Under a simple, decorated arch, two beautiful newlyweds paint gorgeous colors in the dry savannah. The sun comes out today especially for Sara and Francisco.

"Our marriage was just magical, a dream for everyone," recalls the bride. For most of the guests it was their first rendezvous with the African bush. “Everybody was completely blown away”, says Sara. Yet one wonders: how does a young couple from England come up with the idea to get married in the middle of the African bush?

"This region is not unknown to us," says the groom. Some time ago, Francisco was on a professional assignment in Botswana, so just about an hour away from Madikwe. "And last year we got engaged here in Rhulani. It was therefore special for us to return."

"We both enjoy being outdoors and watching wildlife", says Sara, "so it was not a strange idea". The plan for a bush-wedding was forged shortly after the engagement. Francisco's family lives in Argentina, Sara's in Australia, with both having family in the UK. “A wedding overseas made perfectly sense, as everybody had to travel anyway," says Francisco.

"We picked up several offers from Madikwe lodges" tells us Francisco. “The choice fell on Rhulani not only because of the competitive price. We also felt comfortable because we knew the place and lodge management. We felt secure organizing all the details of our wedding from the UK."

And so the bride and groom are standing under the arch, surrounded by an unforgettable scenery, without a red carpet, but between termite mounds and elephant dung. Sara says: "The ceremony was conducted by a family member, as we did not want to do this in front of pastor whom we have never seen before". The couple got officially married shortly before in Johannesburg.

The ceremony casts all guests under a spell. No fear that a dangerous animal could suddenly appear. "We were just taken by the whole thing", says Francisco. "And by the way, animals are cautious", adds Sara.

In the evening, the round boma is set-up for a romantic dinner under the stars of the African sky. Gentle guitars sounds and vocals mix with the crackling of the burning wood. With speeches, singing and dancing around the bomafire a special day comes to an end. Not too late. Most of the guests don’t want to miss the morning game drive tomorrow.