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September update: Elephant chases a leopard away

  • October 02, 2019 | Rolf Steiner

The lack of water pose great challenges for us and the animals at the end of winter time. On the daily safaris with our guests we still enjoyed unique game viewing, such as when an elephant chased a leopard away from the waterhole. Welcome to our monthly update from the bush.

An elephant chases a leopard away

September statistics: Frequency of animal encounters per game drive

We could create a long list of the fantastic natural wonders that we admired every day in Madikwe. Here are just a few that were special in September:

  • a Rock Molitor crossed the road in front of us and sought his hidden nest
  • a black rhino watched us from a safe distance
  • a stately lion-male lay down in the setting evening sun
  • little hyenas were playing near their protective den
  • and much more ...

One day, we discovered a leopard at a watering hole and were amazed when it was chased away by an approaching elephant with a big trumpet. We learnt that elephants want to have the waterhole to themselves, although there would be room for all.

In September there were interesting conservation activities happening in the park where our guests could actively participate. We helped to relocate a pack of wild dogs (see here) and we did the annual "Madikwe Rhino Walk" (see here).

Finally, here are the success rates of our rangers to find the Big 5 animals on a 3-hour safari: Elephant 82%, Lion 57%, White Rhino 57%, Buffalo 40%, Leopard 18%.

A lion resting in the setting sun

A black rhino watching us

Little hyenas playing at the protective den

A leopard is looking for something

A herd of buffalo found in the evening light