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Two new Soccer Balls for the local Primary School

  • May 09, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

The "Local Village Tour" is an add-on to the luxury safari experience where you get a an insight into the life of a local community. This offers you another inspiring and totally different facet along your journey. That was also the case with our recent guests, Dominik Kohler and his family from Switzerland. Months later, the lasting memories brought two new footballs to the local primary school.

Two new soccer balls for the Primary School in Supingstad

The Kohler Family during the Local Village Tour

Rhulani's Community Manager Pule Puleyane

A game with the local youth soccer team

Tour responsible is Rhulani’s Community Manager Pule Pulenyane. Pule grew up in a house that at the time was located in the middle of what today is Madikwe Reserve, and he went to scholl there.

Some months ago, Pule picked up the Kohler family and drove them to Supingstad, 10 km away from Rhulani, a place where many of our employees have their home.

The change of scene was significant. After enjoying the first days in the lodge, with excellent food, a comfortable room, stunning views and fantastic wildlife sightings, the village tour was a contrast. Dominik says: "For us as a Swiss family, it was very impressive to see what life in a village looks like in reality outside the holiday resort. It was difficult for us to imagine it."

Pule started the tour at the entrance of Rhulani, as he always does. What then comes is always a bit different and a kind of surprise. At some days, special events are happening in the village with the possibility to attend. And he tailors the tour based on the preferences of the guests. Dominik’s family had two children, so there should be something that is fun for the kids. 

Dominik's tour was indeed quite special. "I never thought it would be possible to attend a funeral ceremony”, he says. “Another highlight for us was being able to play with the local youth soccer team.”

The memory of an entertaining match on a bumpy court lingered for a long time. Back home, the family had an idea: “We thought that two new soccer balls would bring joy to the local team."

Some time later, the present reached its goal. The balls were brought to Rhulani in the baggage of another traveler from Switzerland, and Pule took them to the primary school in Supingstad, where many of the football team's children also go to school. The netball team apparently didn't even have a ball there. 

Pule says: “Such gestures bring immense joy because they show that safari guests are interested to learn about the local culture and remember the visit."

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