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Rhulani continues to improve internet quality for guests

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Rhulani Safari Lodge has taken another important step to improve the stability and speed of internet access for our guests. Fiber optic cables have been laid underground to transmit signals from the entry point to the guest rooms, eliminating the potential influences of wind and weather on a WiFi transmission. The upload and download speed is 50mbps.

It was quite a laborious job out here in the bush, with the partially hard, rocky dolomite subsoil and the concrete walkways that had to be broken up. But finally all the cables were laid, well protected in tubes, and the trenches were filled in again. The parabolic antennas on the outside walls of the guest chalets could be removed.

As Rhulani's owner Rolf Steiner explains, it was often frustrating to see that on the one hand we received a very good incoming signal of 50mbps, but on the other hand we lost quality through the internal wifi transmission to the end points.

Especially when the bushes grow out here in nature in the rainy season and have leaves again, and then the wind comes and moves the trees, the direct view of the parabolic antennas was restricted, which the guests in the room experienced in a fluctuating, unstable internet connection.

Now that's over and Rhulani's maintenance team can stop trimming the bushes to ensure a clear view. With the fiber solution, the internet signal now reaches the guest room just as we get it.

We are sure that with this solution we have taken another step towards improving the guest experience.

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