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Rhulani Insights 228 – Wired Internet

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

Let's take a look at Rhulani’s "Maintenance Week" of 2024, which, as always, took place in May. More specifically, we are looking at the work for laying cables in the ground with which we will bring the internet signal to the guest chalets and hope to provide guests with much stronger and more stable internet access.

At the moment, our guests enjoy a fiber-based internet input signal with 50mbps download and upload speed, which is fast enough to watch videos on YouTube, stream movies or take part in “Teams” meetings for business purposes.

As you can see, the transmission of the signal to our guests' endpoints, i.e. the Luxury Private Chalets, is now ensured with fiber optic cables. This represents a significant improvement on the previous WiFi transmission. The first guest feedback is very positive.

The Internet gave us access to everything; but it also gave everything access to us.

- James Veitch, British Comedian

Stay tuned for the next episode on 14 July when we discover a special guest at the entrance of Rhulani: a foam nest frog

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