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Enjoy the new "SuitePad" in your Private Chalet!

  • March 15, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Guests of Rhulani Safari Lodge will enjoy another significant improvement in the Luxury Private Chalet during their stay. Thanks to our new "SuitePad", it is possible to easily communicate with us and to retrieve up-to-date information for your stay and comfort.

Enjoy the new SuitePad in your Private Chalet

The navigation of the SuitePad is very easy and intuitive

A worn-out folder with long-obsolete information? Pile of papers and crumpled brochures? Maybe you remember this as a usual hotel experience but all this does not apply to Rhulani Safari Lodge. There is a modern, so-called "SuitePad" on the table in your chalet, which welcomes you when you enter the room and accompanies you during your stay.

Do you wish to book a massage? Do you want to read more information about the animals or birds of the reserve? Interested to watch a documentary about the beginnings of Madikwe? Would you like to have a look at our wine or cocktail list? Or are you curious about how the weather will be today?

For all these questions, our SuitePad, which looks very much like an i-pad, has an answer for you. And more: you also have access to daily newspapers and magazines from around the world, you can play games or give us direct feedback.

The navigation is very simple, inviting and intuitive. The content is currently available in two languages: English and German. More languages ​​are currently under development to make the stay of our international guests more pleasant.

Are you curious how our SuitePad looks like? Click here for this web version and enjoy.

Welcome / Willkommen: Currently the content is offered in two languages