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Is Self-Drive possible in Madikwe?

  • September 22, 2016 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

One question our guests ask us from time to time: “Can I use my own car and drive around in Madikwe Reserve myself, looking for the animals?

The answer to this question is quite short: "No". Madikwe Game Reserve is a private game reserve, which has set itself the goal to offer our guests an unforgettable experience with the African bush. This includes many aspects, such as: 

  • strict limitation of vehicles in the reserve to ensure privacy and tranquility in the bush (each lodge has a limited number of concessions to use vehicles for their game drive with guests)
  • clear rules of behaviours in sightings and maximum vehicles allowed (organized by the ranger in charge)
  • respect for the animals (we keep distance to not disturb them)
  • conservation of nature and the environment (no waste)
  • increase of awareness among our guests about the ecosystem, the animals and the challenges they are facing (provided by explanations of qualified rangers who lead the safaris)
  • no day tourists allowed to enter the reserve (visitors must have a reservation in one of the lodges)

As a Rhulani guest, enjoy the beauty of nature on our open, comfortable landcruiser and learn more about Madikwe’s wildlife from your ranger.

As a result of all the above objectives, it is only logical that a "Self-Drive" is not possible. But that should not be a bad message. As a Rhulani guest, enjoy the beauty of nature on our open, comfortable landcruiser, learn more about Madikwe’s wildlife from your ranger and enjoy a delicious aperitif in the bush with an African sunset.

There is still a small final note to add: If you arrive with your private car at the gate of Madikwe (use the Wonderboom Gate), it is allowed for you to drive the last 7 kilometers inside the reserve on an earthy road from the gate to Rhulani Safari Lodge. That will be your only self-drive, and maybe you meet your first elephant on the road (as it happened to our owner Rolf, look here). This road is actually in a good state and you do not need a special vehicle. Then, just let us park your car at the lodge and leave it there until the end of your stay.