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November update: Special kills

  • December 03, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

The exciting wildlife in Madikwe caused many surprises and highlights last month. We found predators at rather unusual kills, and we discovered some of the rare animals, by which even our experienced rangers were amazed. Welcome to our monthly report from November.

November statistics: Frequency of animal encounters per game drive

November is the time of the chameleons

Leopard hanging in a tree, with an impala

One of the rare sightings was a caracal that did present himself without any fear just next to our vehicle. Riaan took a wonderful photo of it. With the slightly warmer temperatures, now is the time of the chameleons, which we discover very often in the bushes when it’s dark.

A look at the monthly statistics shows once again fantastic values ​​of the "Big 5". On game drive with Rhulani for about 3.5 hours, our guests had the following chance to discover these mighty animals: Elephant 90%, Lion 73%, White Rhino 70%, Buffalo 63% and Leopard 24%. In other words, the chance to see all of the Big 5 on one single drive was quite high, which was especially pleasing for our short-term visitors.

What was specifically noted in November, however, were the sightings in which we saw big cats or other hunting animals with rather unusual prey. We have put together a short video (see above).

You will see incredible pictures of a leopard with an impala, hanging in a tree. Then you see lions that have killed a baboon and play around with the dead primate like with a ball. Quite similar are the wild dogs which are playing tug of war with the head of a baby impala. And last but not least, you see a pack of lions that killed a giraffe, which was amazing.

November was also the month Rhulani won three important hotel awards, which we are very proud of. We have reported in detail (see here). Many thanks again to all, wo are constantly supporting us!

A rare sighting: a beautiful caracal