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What goes into my safari luggage?

  • July 19, 2016 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Visitors who go for the first time on a safari, or guests who travel for the first time the Madikwe, are often unsure about what to pack in the suitcase. Here is a small selection of suggestions.

"Fortunately you actually have to do very little to be perfectly prepared for your safari with us," says Rolf Steiner, Rhulani's owner. The weather is fairly predictable (see Madikwe climate here). There is a lot of sunshine, pleasant daytime temperatures and rains are rare. “We have woolen blankets for cold days and ponchos when it rains."

Even more important: There are only few mosquitoes and flies. Because of the dry climate and the high altitude, Madikwe is free from malaria throughout the year. Rolf: "This is a huge advantage, especially for families and honeymooners". This means that malaria prophylaxis is not necessary, and you don’t need to carry a bug spray with you. "If necessary, we have this with us”, says Rolf.

However, here a short packing list for a successful safari experience with us:

  • “Summer equipment” including sunglasses, sunscreen and light summer clothing for the day - you are in “sunny South Africa”, where even in winter, daytime temperatures are pleasant and in summer it is very hot
  • Hat or cap for game drives - a model that can be well attached to the head, especially in dry and sunny winter months when we disassemble the roof from our vehicles
  • Binoculars - to observe the more distant animals (but do not worry, we drive close enough to the animals)
  • Photo camera - you will be thrilled by the fascinating images of nature!
  • Sturdy shoes with good soles – especially when you plan to go on a guided bushwalk
  • Lip balm – as the air is very dry
  • Windbreaker (in summer) or warm winter jacket (in winter) – for the game drives when its dark outside; when the sun goes down, it gets much colder
  • Comfortable clothing (shirt / blouse and sweater) for a boma dinner - where it does not matter if your clothes smells a bit like smoke after the dinner at the boma fire

Rhulani is a 5 stars Lodge. Nevertheless, we consider it important to create an atmosphere where our guests are in harmony with nature, and in which you feel comfortable. Patent leather shoes, high heels, suits and ties you can safely leave at home. If you forget something, do not worry, we will help you!