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Rhulani Insights 118 – Starting our Community Project

  • June 23, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

Not so long ago, at Rhulani Safari Lodge we started supporting the “Andries Moseki Crèche” at the nearby village of Lekgophung. We do this financially, but above all with a lot of heart and sweat. Let's take a look at our Community Project.

Rhulani's manager Carla is the driving force in this meaningful project. Today we visit the crèche and get an impression of how urgently help is needed here and how diverse the possibilities are to make improvements. All of this aims to ensure that the kids of the village have a place where they are safe, and where they can play and laugh.

Today, there are no children in the school because, above all, the renovation work on the damaged roof has not been completed yet. On our tour, however, we see the first concrete results of our work.

If you want to follow our project in detail, click here.

“If you support the community, they will support you.” – Jerry Greenfield, American Businessman

Stay tuned for the next episode on Sunday 7 July when we release a young rock python with our ranger Martin.