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Rhulani Insights 186 – Star gazing

  • November 06, 2022 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

The starry sky can probably nowhere be observed as clearly and wonderfully as here, far away from a big city and light pollution. In today's blog we take you on a short lesson with Daniel, who uses a laser and telescope to introduce us to an evening activity at Rhulani: star gazing.

Somewhere behind the lodge we have a perfect spot to position the telescope and have a clear view of the starry sky. From here you may perfectly see the "Southern Cross" or the Milky Way for the first time, and much more.

With the telescope we can also see some of the planets of our solar system. So we can clearly see the moons of Jupiter or the ring of Saturn.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt, American President

Stay tuned fort the next episode on 20 November when ranger Willem shows us how to repare a "Pink Tonic"