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Rhulani Insights 108 - Rhulani's new Staff Canteen

  • February 03, 2019 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

We've been investing a lot recently to expand our so-called staff village and increase the comfort for our employees. Today we show you our new “Staff Canteen”.

The organization of meals for our employees has to be planned in our daily routine as well as the meals for our guests. The lunch break is an important moment, where our staff can rest a bit and strengthen for the next work.

That's why we've created new processes, meal plans and, above all, a new "Staff Canteen", with significant improvements over the past. Take a look at this with Rolf now.

“It's nice to just be a kid and hang out with your friends at lunch.” – Karlie Kloss, American Model

Stay tuned for next episode on Sunday 17 February 2019 when we spend a moment at the bar and drink a Springbok.