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My funny story: The elephant's fifth leg

  • October 11, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Funny everyday life stories from the bush: Rhulani's field guide Sean tells us a little anecdote from when he was conducting a game drive with many guests, and he suddenly bumped into an elephant which was in musth.

Sean tells us his funny story today

"I will never forget the day I had a eldery British lady who was with me on game drive, together with other guests on the vehicle.

We just arrive at a water hole with a very excited male elephant. As we say in the bush, he had his "5th leg hanging out". 

We are all just watching this big guy in silence, as this British lady simply says with a queen like voice, ”O my goodness, that s a HUGE dick”

The whole vehicle was in tears of laughter and joy."

This is an elephant bull with five legs