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Our ambition: the middle seat remains unoccupied

  • March 23, 2018 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Often we are asked the question: how many guests take a seat on the vehicle to go on safari? Traditionally, the open Game Drive Land Cruiser seats ten people. However, since the beginning of this year, our ambition is to limit the maximum number to seven guests and thus increase the comfort.

Our ambition: the middle seat remains free

Rhulani is a small, private lodge, which can accommodate 20 guests when we are fully booked. As the number of vehicles in the Madikwe Game Reserve is limited, we were given a concession for two vehicles with ten seats each. A simple calculation shows: when we have full camp, our vehicles are filled to the last seat.

In order to increase the comfort for our guests, and to meet the 5-star level also in terms of the game drive, we have recently introduced an attractive upgrade. We acquired a third vehicle concession, and as a result we have a third Land Cruiser and a third Ranger. Our guests are now distributed on three vehicles and the maximum number of passengers per vehicle went down to seven. As the picture illustrates, each guest has a place "at the edge of the vehicle", which guarantees an excellent view. The middle seat is left free and gives more space. Guests can use this seat to deposit a jacket or a photo bag.

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to give an absolute guarantee for this maximum number. In the unlikely event that a vehicle is broken, a ranger becomes ill at short notice, or if this limitation would not allow a family to stay together, we reserve the right to fill unoccupied seats. We ask our guests in such an exceptional situation for understanding.

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