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Rhulani Insights 041 - Elephant on the road to Rhulani

  • February 21, 2016 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

Most Rhulani visitors arrive by car. Local guests with their own car from home, international guests with a rented car from the airport. Once the gate of Madikwe is passed, you are in another world. Welcome to a “Big 5 country”! The last seven kilometers to the lodge is the only exception, where guests can drive in their car themselves on natural roads, and this may well be your first safari.

In today’s blog, even Rolf is driving in his own car, and he meets there a big elephant bull, which uses the same road. The golden rule is: "Animals first". Especially with elephants you should be careful and grant them the right of way. Join Rolf for this special experience that can also happen to you.

“People are so difficult. Give me an elephant any day.” – Mark Shand, Writer

Stay tuned for next episode on Sunday 6 March 2016 when we visit Rhulani’s car park in the backyards.