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Rhulani Insights 193 - Quartz carpet floor

  • February 12, 2023 | Rhulani Safari Lodge

Look behind the scenes of Rhulani Safari Lodge.

Today we see the recently renovated bathrooms in Rhulani’s guest chalets. And in particular, let's take a look at the beautiful, black, so-called "Quart Carpet Floor". This is the solution that gives us a pleasant-to-the-touch and hygienic floor that stretches across the entire surface, right out to the outdoor shower - and without any thresholds or steps.

Non-slip safety, well-being, aesthetics and hygiene are all criteria according to which we have selected the ideal floor for the bathroom.

The "Quartz Carpet" meets all these criteria. Although the base material consists of little stones, this floor is also permeable and can be cleaned easily so that moisture does not remain.

“One time I tried to use the bathroom in the dark, and I missed the toilet, and I fell on the floor.” – Rita Ora, British Musician

Stay tuned fort the next episode on 26 February when we find a tree with thousands of flies with our insect expert Dea